It is stupid we aren’t friends anymore. It’s stupid you practically hate me now for no reason at all. We were great friends once. I know our relationship didn’t end great but that didn’t mean we also had to end our friendship. You said we could be friends again but you lied. And now… Now I sit here wondering if I should talk to you again because i know ill regret it if i don’t. And all you do is say stuff behind my back. Feels so freaking great.

It kinda just hit me. He is gone. I remember at new year’s when he can over to my aunt’s house and hunted me out just to make fun of me. When he makes fun of someone everyone laughs. And when our families went to Florida and one night I was talking to my girlfriend at the time and I gave him my phone because he wanted to talk to her and started asking her a bunch of personal questions yet it was still pretty funny. It just makes me think. All those people saying YOLO just don’t understand. You do really ONLY live once and you can die anytime.